浅草着物レンタル華雅&創吉 切子体験教室コラボ

着物レンタル華雅、創吉 切子体験教室のコラボプランでは、お着物を着ての切子体験をお楽しみいただけます。
Kimono rental HANAKA and, by the collaboration plan of the SOKICHI cut glass experience classroom, can enjoy a cut glass experience that you wear a kimono.
創吉 店舗入り口 画像
創吉 切子体験教室では、二十数種のグラスと数十もの柄サンプルからお選びいただき、切子の技法でグラスをカットしていただけます。
In the SOKICHI cut glass experience classroom, You have you choose it among the glass of 20 several kinds and dozens of samples and can cut a glass in the technique of the cut glass.
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As there is it from a simple thing to a difficult thing, even the beginner has a choice in your level in total and is reliable.
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With a paid option on that day, You can change a glass and a kimono.

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創吉(SOKICHI cut glass experience)
平日: Weekdays : 10:15 13:00 15:00
休日: Holiday :  8:30 10:15 13:00 15:00 16:45
Please note that 550 yen take an extra charge in a time of 16:45.
​各90分 Cut glass experience-based time 90 minutes.
ご予約必須です。A reservation is required.
創吉様 コラボページ
Detailed homepage

The reservation is web site of the cut glass SOKICHI.

Reservation time of the kimono rental is one hour ago of the reservation time of the SOKICHI cut glass.
If there is a change of the reservation time, you pass, and please refer to a store HANAKA directly.

Phone : 03-6231-6782
Eメール : asakusa.hanaka@gmail.com




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