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It takes only 30 seconds from the Asakusa Station, 2 minutes walk to the Kaminarimon and the Sensouji Temple.

We are just in front of Tokyo Kaminarimon.


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Thank the customers all over the world!

We already had the customers from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, USA, Canada and other countries so far.

Thanks for your support.


Skytree, Enjoy Pack released!

Observation deck admission ticket x kimono rental
We will release a package plan.

Sightseeing in kimono at the highest observatory in the world
Would you like to make a fun memorial memory?

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News release


Graduation HAKAMA campaign 

★Small-patterned kimono + hakama:

¥4,500(excluding tax )~
★Lace short-sleeved kimono + hakama

¥7,500(excluding tax) 

★Lace medium furisode + hakama 

¥9,500(excluding tax)

★Lace long furisode + hakama 

¥10,500(excluding tax)

★Medium furisode + hakama 

¥7,500(excluding tax)

★Furisode + hakama plan 

¥12,500(excluding tax)

★Long furisode +hakama plan 

¥23.000(excluding tax)

★Picture-wing furisode +hakama plan 

¥33,000(excluding tax)


We also have the hair stylist who has the national license to ensure to provide you the most professional services.


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 Reservation for Taisho romance・Retro Kimono and Hakama are available now!!!

※Hakama + Komon Kimono 1DAY-Rental 4,950yen(tax included)~

※Children’s Hakama 1DAY-Rental 4,950yen(tax included)~


※We also have Hakama for gentlemen.


※Casual Furisode(for children) 1DAY-Rental 4,950yen(tax included)~


High-class fukuro-obi(belts) are provided.

Early morning (service before 9:30 AM)  extra-fees 1HOUR 1100yen(tax included)

Next day return by noon  +1,000yen(tax included) 


Please make a reservation as soon as possible!

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 Wedding attire, Jinrikisha, and Photography Plan 

Click here for the photography plan 🔗 . 

※All inclusive, for two people 38,500(tax included)


※Wedding canceled?
Don’t worry. We’ll help you create your own Petit Bridal to make memories together. 


※Join the LINE@ to have discount

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 New design kimono , come to asakusa with families and friends!

※We have many pretty traditional pattern and retro-modern for kimono!


※The kimono is 6600 yen(tax included)in the original price.

For 2~4 people, it is only 3630 yen(tax included)for each person.

※Of course, there are also men’s traditional Japanese Clothing available. 

※The Kamimori mon gate is near our store. 

※Wearing the kimono with family and  friends in the asakusa is so wonderful.

 For more details, please check HERE 🔗

 Idol (IS’ONE Miyawaki Sakura) who came to Asakusa Hanaka

This is the photo of a Japanese idol, Miyawaki Sakura.

It’s the second time for her to wear the Kimono we provided,

and the types of the Kimono she wore the fancy Honfurisode and Hakama.

Welcome to experience the high-class Kimono and service!

The photos of Miyawaki Sakura in Honfurisode, click here.

The photos of Miyawaki Sakura in Hakama, click here.

 Asakusa Hanaka Interview by YOMIURI Newspaper!


Interviewed by famous Japanese newspaper !

Please click here for the details

The news about Hanaka was released by TBS! 

Please click here for the details

Tokyo, Asakusa Hanaka   Interview by Media !

Interviewed by TTV Main Channel Taiwan !

A photo-taking studio is provided.

Enjoy photo-taking even it’s rainy day!

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The news about Hanaka Yukata  was released by music. jp news.

Every actor participating the ”TiARY TV” show released in August wore our Yukata!

Please click here for the music. jp news


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HOTEL MYSTAY special program

This is the special program for the customers who choose to stay at the HOTEL MYSTAYS!

The customers of HOTEL MYSTAYS can get special discount for our Kimono and Yukata!


Please click here for the home page of HOTEL MYSTAY 


Please click here for more details


Hanaka’s group customers !



Here is our customers from Indonesia.

The group is comprised of  the enterprises, the travel agencies and girls’ party,

Please feel free to contact us at anytime.




※Here is the group of 30 Korean customers.

It’s took only 1 HOUR to finish all the wearing and styling,

We can finish the work quickly and perfectly is because we have experienced staff!




※Here is the group of 42 camera club customers.

It’s will be a wonderful memory to wear the beautiful Kimono. Walk around Asakusa

and take the pictures in front of the Tokyo Sky Tree! 





※Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

Mail: asakusa.hanaka@gmail.com


Phone: +81-3-6231-6782


Rental plan (Price MENU)


Reservation please  check HERE


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■Take the Metro Ginza line, get off at Asakusa Station and walk out from Exit 2.

Go upstairs to the ground floor, turn left, the building at the end of the street. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. And we are on the 4/F!

You may also take the Toei Asakusa line and get off at Asakusa station.

Go upstairs by the Exit A4, turn left, the building at the end of the street. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. And we are on the 4/F!


~Contact mode of the store~
               info@asakusa-hanaka.com (Receive only)

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